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PIMPAMA Sports Hub, Gold Coast QLD

Uses BECSys5ppm Controllers with pH, ORP, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, TDS and temperature sensing. MODBUS Connection to site BMS and BECSysLive! via EZConnect. BECS CO2 feeders.


Raging Waters Sydney

Uses Becsys5 Pool Water Chemistry Controllers (pH, ORP, FAC, TDS and Temperature Sensing/Control.  Ethernet networked with ‘BECSys for Windows’ PC software)

Chemical feed is by ChemAd Motor Driven and Pulsatron Liquid Chlorine Pumps. All chemical control and dosing equipment supplied by Tim Batt Water Solutions.


MUR Holsworthy Army Base 

New MUR Holsworthy Army Base uses Wallace & Tiernan OSEC-NXT On-Site Chlorine Generation System, ChemAd & Pulsatron Dosing Pumps, Wallace & Tiernan Barrier M2000 UV system and Depolox Pool Controller.


Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, QLD

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, QLD uses BECSys5ppm controllers & CO2 feeders with MODBUS connection to BMS; Wallace & Tiernan Barrier M UV system.

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Fact Sheet